3 Solutions to reset login password for a Locked Windows 10

By | April 15, 2018

If you go through the internet world, you would come across several solutions to unlock or access your locked Windows 10 computer, but most of them do not live up to your expectation. Few methods do work and few do not. Thus if you too are in a similar kind of a situation where your system has been compromised being completely locked and you are unable to access any of its files and folders, then you seriously need to have certain solutions which can actually help you access your locked computer instead of promoting fake promises.

The article below would demonstrate few such simple methods which are rather implementation of free utility tools easily available on the internet to sort out our issue.

Carry on with your reading and get to know the solutions as you work your way down.

Solution #1: Reset Password on locked Windows 10 with Kon-Boot

Kon-boot is an amazing password reset tool which work differently than other password reset tools thus it is one of the smartest and remarkable password resetting tool available lately free of cost. Here in this section we are going to implement it to disable the lock screen feature instead of resetting the forgotten admin password. Obey the step instructions detailed out below to actuate the tool’s working perfectly:

Step 1. Download the setup file from any operational computer and burn the ISO image file into a bootable disk.

Step 2. Plug in the bootable disk studded with the program file into the locked down system and change the BIOS utility settings to boot from the inserted device. Make sure your boot device is set as the first boot device on your computer’s BIOS.

Step 3. Hit “Enter” on the first flash screen.

Step 4. The tool will exhibit another flash screen. Let it run in its usual pace without any interference.

Step 5. Now; the tool will automatically boot your recent Windows 10 OS version on your hard disk, and as soon as the Windows login screen turns up, just leave the password field empty and press “Enter” or click on “Arrow”.

And there you go, Windows 10 would let you use your desktop like before as if there has been no password set up as the feature is bypassed completely. Now you can set up a new password for the particular account.


  • It does not work with Windows 7/ 8/ 10 versions.
  • It does not work with the 64-bit version of the Windows OS.

Solution #2: Using iSeepassword to reset password for locked Windows 10

There are many essential password recovery or removal tools available on the internet market, but none can match the magnificence of iSeepassword  . It is one of the finest and powerful password removal tools which can easily bypass the login screen without re-installing the Windows 10 actually. It simply manipulates certain registry keys and disables the password protection feature and the user gets clean access to the previously locked account. To know the tool in detail, go through the features mentioned below:

Salient Features:

  • It can create bootable disk with both CD/DVD and USB.
  • It supports Windows Desktop OS, such as Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • It works with all Windows server OS namely Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ NT.
  • It supports UEFI and legacy BIOS based computers as well.
  • No network coverage is needed.
  • No special technical skills are required.
  • It can reset password for admin, local user, domain and root accounts.

Pre-requisites to use iSeepassword :

  • A spare working computer.
  • The program file.
  • An empty optical disk.

How to use iSeepasswordas Password resetting Tool for Windows 10:

Step 1. Download this program and the necessary setup ISO file to any of your functional computer and install it accepting all the step instructions.

Step 2. Launch the program with admin privileges, and plug in your USB stick or CD/DVD into your computer.

Step 3. Burn the ISO files by clicking “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” options depending upon the disk type you have inserted.

Step 4. Eject the loaded password reset disk and plug it again into the locked computer, alter the boot preference order if need be and then boot from it.

Step 5. Once all preferences are chosen, simply click “Reset Password” or “Reboot” buttons and the password removal procedure will begin.

The system will be rebooted but there will no password inquiry at all.

Solution #3: Reset Windows 10 Password with John The Ripper and Pwdump3

Here in this section we would put to use an amazing utility John The Ripper with Pwdump3 tool in addition to facilitate the functionality of the tool. With the help of this tool, the password will be cracked, unlike the previous one in which the password was reset. Though the procedure might seem a bit complicated, but yet it is very effective in decrypting the forgotten password.

The method utilizes two utilities actually in order to test the security of the current password on your system.

  • Pwdump3 for excavating password hashes from the Windows SAM directory.
  • John The Ripper for recovering the hashes of your current version of operating system.

Follow the steps below to fetch the required result:

Step 1. From the root of your Windows 10 C: drive create a new directory called Passwords.

Step 2. Now download a decompression tool to get compressed files of large programs if you don’t have one, like Win ZIP or 7-ZIP.

Step 3. Next download, extract and simply install the two freeware tools and install them adequately into the newly created directory.

Step 4. Provide the following command to run pwdump3 tool and relocate its output to a file labeled as “cracked.txt”:

c:passwordspwdump3 > cracked.txt

NOTE: This particular file gets hold of the WindowsSAM password hashes which are actually cracked with John The Ripper.

Step 5. Launch and run the John The Ripper software by inputting the following command against the operating system’s SAM password hashes to execute the recovered passwords:

c:passwordsjohn cracked.txt


  • The method is very complicated to put to use.
  • It is a tedious and time consuming method.


The aforementioned methods are very easier to implement even for a novice, but the first two methods have got a lot demerits which makes them less preferable over iSeepassword which has literally got no downsides at all. Thus, if you are looking for a guaranteed result; then better rely on iSeepassword software over other password removal tools.

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