Everything new in iOS 12 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad

By | June 22, 2018

iOS 12 Beta 2

Apple seeded beta 2 just two weeks after iOS 12 debuted onstage at WWDC 2018. This major update for iPhone and iPad has new Memoji characters, digital health features, Group FaceTime, redesigned notifications and a whole lot more. So far, AppleInsider has been able to track down a total of 150 new features.

As far as what has changed since the original beta, the list is considerably smaller; AppleInsider managed to dig up over 30 changes in beta 2. Watch our quick video to see the updates for yourself.

Notable changes



    • Battery stats have been redesigned


    • In the Home app, cameras have been removed from “Notifications” section


    • In Home app, Locks has become “Doors and Locks” in Notifications section


    • In Home app,Locks (now Doors and Locks) has new icon in Notifications section


    • In Home app, Blinds has new icon in Notifications section


    • Screen Time automatically turned off in beta 2, needs re-enabled


    • New splash screen for Screen Time


    • Removed toggle for clearing Screen Time data


    • Interface for adding time limits to apps from the main Screen Time screen has been tweaked


    • Tapping on an app displays more info on the app in Screen Time


    • Toggle off Siri Suggestions for individual apps in Settings


    • New iCloud Keychain modal


    • New location icon in status bar


    • iPad gets pull down handle for Control Center on Lock Screen


    • In Spotlight, new arrows for shortcuts to apps


    • Podcasts app shows Now Playing indicator on current chapter


    • iMessages preview animation on Lock Screen (and other preview animations) looks great


    • New SIM pin unlock screen


    • Time Travel removed from Watch app


    • Smaller text in App Store search


    • In Photos, Albums and media type names are larger


    • Face ID animations are quicker


    • Spotlight now listed in Browse section of News app


    • AM and PM show on iPad status bar clock


    • AirPlay icon is now blue when connected in Music Lock Screen widget


    • Suggestion animation in Spotlight is much smoother


    • Carrier info back in Settings


    • When signing in with Face ID, now says “Scanning with Face ID”


    • New splash screen for Voice Memos app


    • New splash screen for Shortcuts in Spotlight


  • iPhone apps running on iPad now use larger iPhone 6 version