Is There Any Cooler Gadget for Your Desk Than This NES-Inspired Mouse?

By | November 13, 2019

Odds are that your computer mouse isn’t what you would call “stylish.” It’s a tool and it needs to be functional first and foremost, after all. But what if you could have both? The new 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse ($25), slickly slathered in mid-1980s NES style, is not just a striking bit of retro-chic tech that would look dashing on your desk. It also has everything you could want in a mouse and then some.

Built by quirky gaming accessory company 8BitDo in partnership with designer Daniel Jansson, the battery-powered wireless mouse is compatible with Windows and macOS, and sports an invisible touchpad for scrolling, hidden between its two classic red buttons for right and left click. Better yet, the iconic D-pad on the side serves as a series of four navigation buttons for Forward, Back, Page Up and Page Down, giving this little guy a whole load of easy-access commands. This retro rockstar might catch your eye with its nostalgic vibe, but it’s way more than just a gimmicky conversation peice.