Latest Updates in the Software Development Industry

By | March 15, 2019

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A Look at Current Industry Trends and Innovations

Software development is a sector that touches everyone’s life. What is new in the industry, and how is it changing technology?

If the market researchers across the pond are to be believed, software development is considered to be the best job in America. Software developers produce tools that practically all of us use personally and professionally, and it is no exaggeration to say that they influence the way we live our lives and do our jobs.

The industry is also one that is in a state of constant evolution and change. As technology changes, so does the type of software being developed. In this industry, to stand still is to become obsolete. Let’s take a look at some of the latest innovations and updates.

Increased specialisation

Anyone in a customer facing role knows that this is an era of segmentation and specialisation. There is a growing expectation among customers for products and services to be tailored to their specific requirements. Exactly the same situation can be seen in the world of bespoke software development. Businesses are looking to run lean and efficient, and that means using tools that are designed specifically around their processes. In the dynamic and competitive business environment of 2019, off-the-shelf solutions just don’t cut it.

New blockchain applications 

People have a tendency to associate blockchain technology with Bitcoin, but there is far more to this technology than being a platform for cryptocurrency. The robust and secure nature of distributed ledger technology makes it an obvious choice for anyone who wants to reduce costs, streamline processes and increase security. That sounds like something that will appeal to just about all of us, and sectors including healthcare, banking and logistics are at the forefront of seeking blockchain solutions to drive their businesses forward to the next level.

Artificial intelligence

It is seemingly impossible to have any kind of discussion around technical innovations without the topic of AI and machine learning raising its head. It is central to digital transformation across practically every sector and, according to the analysts at Gartner, more than 40 percent of businesses will be using AI to automate at least some of their business processes by the end of 2019. The technology powers everything from those increasingly clever customer service chatbots to the big data analytics that are revolutionising so many sectors. Artificial Intelligence is improving at a rapid pace and is a topic that every developer needs to keep half an eye on.

More development, less coding

“The best thing about being a software developer is all the coding.” So said nobody, ever, so the concept of low-code software development is one that will be causing eyes to shine within the industry. The subject of low code / no code has received plenty of media attention, with some speculating that it could place software development within the grasp of anyone. That might be an over-simplification, but there is no doubt that despite still being in its infancy, this is one area of disruptive technology that will truly shake up the software development industry.