WhatsApp to end BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone 7.1 support

WhatsApp has confirmed that it will stop supporting BlackBerry’s software later this year, further signalling the demise of the once dominant mobile OS. Older Nokia and Windows Phone devices will also cease to be supported. WhatsApp for BlackBerry OS, including the newest BB10 release, will be discontinued by the end of 2016. The announcement is unlikely to come… Read More »

Apple wins key iPhone encryption case in New York

Apple has won a notable court case against the FBI after a judge in New York ruled that the company should not be forced to use a backdoor to unlock an iPhone in a case that has major similarities to the San Bernardino case in California. A report on Reuters said that, while the court decision relates to… Read More »

Microsoft aims to tempt customers from Oracle to SQL Server 2016 with free licences

Microsoft is trying to lure customers into migrating from other database platforms to SQL Server 2016 by offering free licences. The catch is that customers need to be part of Microsoft’s Software Assurance licensing scheme. The move was detailed at the firm’s Data Driven event in New York this week, which kicked off a series of activities intended… Read More »

HPE pushes machine learning into the cloud with Haven OnDemand

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is pushing its machine learning technology into the cloud with the release of Haven OnDemand. The machine-learning-as-a-service offering has been released for general availability after being in a lengthy preview period since December 2014. Haven OnDemand is targeted at developers. Over 60 APIs are on offer, enabling developers to embed machine learning analytical capabilities… Read More »

Microsoft’s Week: SQL Server comes to Linux, Redstone 2 update delayed, Windows 10 nagware

Another week in the world of Microsoft saw the company increasingly involved with Linux and open standards. The firm said that the upcoming SQL Server 2016 database management system will run on Linux, while a software framework developed for building open network switches for the data centre is also based on the open source OS. Meanwhile, some sites… Read More »

Top 10 worst government IT projects

Central and local government IT projects don’t have the greatest track record. Time and again they are plagued by delays and contract wrangles and waste huge amounts of money on plans that never see the light of day. The latest is the long-running e-Borders initiative, the cost of which has passed £1bn despite being late and delivering few… Read More »

Mac OS ransomware, Patch Tuesday and ICS malware threats: the week in security

Another busy week in the security sector saw a wide mix of announcements, covering everything from the first Mac OS X ransomware to the latest Patch Tuesday release from Microsoft. V3 also spoke to FireEye to get some insights on the threat to industrial control systems, while there was surprising praise for the Tor network from the head… Read More »

Seven steps to becoming a digital business leader

Developing employees to embrace a digital-first approach can bring significant personal and organisational benefits For more than a decade, business and IT have become increasingly inseparable and started co-evolving, and this unstoppable integration is altering the very nature of companies, competition and work. Along with globalisation, it is the defining economic transition of our time. To succeed in… Read More »

Auschwitz survivor becomes world’s oldest living man

A Jewish sweet maker who survived incarceration in the Auschwitz death camp has been officially named as the world’s oldest living man. Yisrael Kristal, who was born in Poland in 1903 and lived through both World Wars, inherited the title from the previous world-record holder,Yasaturo Koide, who was not far short of his 113th birthday when he died… Read More »

Nancy Reagan laid to rest in funeral celebrating her love affair with “Ronnie”

Nancy Reagan was buried beside her husband on Friday in an emotional funeral that focused on her half-century love affair with the former president. Mr. T arrives for the funeral of Nancy Reagan at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California Around 1,000 invited guests, including Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential frontrunner and Michelle Obama, wife… Read More »