Windows 10 Mobile to hit Lumia 535, 635, 735, 830, 930, and 1520 next week

Microsoft promised to update all compatible Lumia smartphones to Windows 10 Mobile, but the new firmware is still nowhere to be found. There is no official release date either; it’s just coming soon. A Vodafone Italy rep has compiled a list of upcoming updates for the carrier phones and published it on the carrier’s official Twitter account. It… Read More »

‘Happy Goggles’ Bring Virtual Reality to Swedish McDonald’s

Swedish McDonald’s fans have a new way to play with their food when they go to their local burger joint — or at least the box their food comes in. On Monday, McDonald’s announced the creation of their new “Happy Goggles,” a virtual reality headset similar to Google Cardboard that is made from a folded-up Happy Meal box.… Read More »

Apple Users Targeted in First Known Mac Ransomware Campaign

Apple customers were targeted by hackers over the weekend in the first campaign against Macintosh computers using a pernicious type of software known as ransomware, researchers with Palo Alto Networks Inc told Reuters on Sunday. Ransomware, one of the fastest-growing types of cyber threats, encrypts data on infected machines, then typically asks users to pay ransoms in hard-to-trace… Read More »

ET Verizon Slapped With $1.35M Fine For ‘Supercookies’

Verizon will pay a $1.35 million fine and agreed to a three-year consent decree after the Federal Communications Commission said it found the company’s wireless unit violated the privacy of its users. Verizon Wireless agreed to get consumer consent before sending data about “supercookies” from its more than 100 million users, under a settlement. The largest U.S. mobile… Read More »

Alter ‘Reaction’ Buttons to Donald Trump, Pokemon, Your Own Face

If you have already grown tired of the new Facebook “reaction” emojis, there’s a new version available — starring Pokemon or Donald Trump in a variety of expressive emotions. The new photo icons are not FBO (“Facebook official”), but released by a private developer. The customized emoji buttons are available via Reaction Packs and can be installed using… Read More »

Prosecutors Renew Request for Apple to Open iPhone in Brooklyn Case

The Justice Department Monday asked a federal judge to force Apple to help investigators open the iPhone of a suspected Brooklyn drug dealer. Prosecutors are seeking to overturn last week’s ruling from a federal magistrate denying the government’s request. Monday’s step is, in essence, the first step in an appeal. “In light of the debate that has recently… Read More »

Facebook to Cut Tax Bill by Paying $1M Bonuses to U.K. Staffers

Facebook is to award bonuses of £280 million ($396 million) to its U.K.-based staff over the next three years in a bid to offset the amount of tax it has to pay to the U.K. Treasury. Each employee will receive an average of £775,000 ($1.1 million), which Facebook will list as a taxable expense. Each Facebook employee will… Read More »

The ten most infuriating things people do online

Last week the French police warned parents not to post pictures of their kids on social media. France, you see, has very stringent privacy laws and when les enfants grow up, they could conceivably sue mama et papa for violating their privacy. As often when you see social media filtering through another culture’s legal rubric, my reaction to this… Read More »

Persistent Systems uses social media to establish brand online

Persistent Systems has come a full circle from barring employees from using social media to using it as a recruitment and business generation tool. Half of the enquiries for the company’s eMee division, which focuses on gamification technology, are now coming through social media, said Siddhesh Bhobe, CEO-eMee, Persistent Systems. This is the result of a concerted effort… Read More »

Desktop dining on the rise

 For 11 years, June Jo Lee, an ethnog rapher, has been talking to people about how they eat. She has often been in offices, observing whitecollar workers. A 20-something administrative assistant at an architecture firm in Seattle told her, “I don’t think I ate at a table at all this week if you don’t include my desk at… Read More »