Pay and avail of East body services at computer cafés

By | November 23, 2018

Various services of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) can now be availed from 18 cyber cafés in its jurisdiction, after paying a processing charge.

Services such as applying for birth and death certificates, general trade licences, health trade licences, veterinary trade licences and factory trade licences and renewal of the same can be carried out at these centres, the corporation said in a statement.

Charges for services

The corporation’s guidelines states the centres can charge a maximum of ₹50 for birth and death certificates, ₹250 for other licences and ₹150 for renewal of licences.

Registration certificates for these centres were distributed by the Mayor Bipin Bihari Singh at the EDMC headquarters in Patparganj on Thursday as a part of ‘Poorvi Delhi Nagar Nigam: Aapke Dwar’. The centres were issued user IDs and passwords for proper functioning and monitoring. Certificates of four other centres were under process, the corporation said in its statement.

The Mayor said the registered ‘facilitation centres’ can be located on the corporation’s mobile application ‘EDMC 311’ to which they have been linked. He added that this initiative will increase transparency in services provided by the corporation.