Recovery Software Features For Paid Version With System Requirements

By | January 6, 2018

Digitalization has become so famous and each and every field is affected with this. At all places such as banks, universities, businesses, industries, airline system, railway system and others, use laptop or computer for their work. Without using laptop or computer, no task will be completed. Even, a normal person also uses laptop for completing his daily tasks. But, major thing is that how to manage data which is stored in laptop. Because, it is an electronic device and may fail at any time.

There are simple causes due to which you can lose your data. Data or file will available in your laptop but not in the supported format. You can’t open it and will not able to access the data which is present in that file. If you are using windows operating system, then you should know causes of data lost. Data lost reasons from windows operating system are:

  • Human error – deleted files by mistake
  • Not keep personal files when upgrading operating system
  • Operation system installation gets interrupted
  • Login windows from other user’s account
  • Computer gets infected by virus
  • Antivirus software may be the culprit
  • Boot computer from other operating system

Suppose, you have lost data from your system, then how you will get it back. Do not worry that on technique is available in the software industry that will help you to recover lost data within seconds. Use the data recovery process in your system or download data recovery software from internet. On the internet, number of software companies provides recovery software in paid version and in free version. Download free data recovery software from internet.

Data recovery software is available for all type of operating system such as windows, iOS, MAC, android, Linux and other. Al versions of windows operating system are supported which are given below:

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / vista / XP
  • Windows server 2016
  • Windows server 2012
  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows server 2003

When you download data recovery software from one of most famous IT Company, you should have to check the system requirements. System requirement which are needed for downloading data or file recovery software are:

  • File system
  • FAT (FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32)
  • exFAT
  • NTFS
  • NTFS5
  • Ext2
  • Ext3
  • HFS+
  • RAM – atleast 128 MB
  • CPU – with atleast x86
  • Disk space- 32 MB minimum space for recovery software installation

Unique and advanced technology based features of data recovery software are present only in the paid recovery software. Paid recovery software also has option of backup of data which can be done automatically. All the paid version of recovery software support below given features:

  • Innovative data protection
  • Complete business protection
  • Improved scheduling for laptop backup
  • Flexible storage options
  • Scalable and intuitive management
  • All in one VMware appliance for simplified deployment
  • World’s fastest recovery
  • Double and strong protection for most critical data