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Captain Marvel’s official site dials up some 1990s web design

I don’t know if it’s too soon to call a film set in the 1990s a “period piece,” but Captain Marvel’s marketers are doing their damndest to earn that label with a Comic Sans-tastic throwback website that recalls the days of Adobe PageMill and HTML 1.0. It’s slam full of ultra-dated features, my favorite being the crummy RealMedia player embed (OK, so… Read More »

The glorious inelegance of the 1990s family computer

My wife is a PC person, and I am an Apple person. To my chagrin, Lauren keeps an old Dell desktop in our bedroom, a blight on our otherwise thoughtful decor, and any time she sits down at the thing I launch into a freeform lecture on the numerous merits of Apple. After all, is there anything that… Read More »