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How Artificial Intelligence is solving different business problems

Various businesses and companies are employing AI to handle business problems differently As soon as the words “AI” and “music” are used in the same sentence, one comes across skepticism. If robots are making call centre jobs useless, one is scared to think of what would happen to all the musicans who are anyway underpaid. “In the world… Read More »

Putin wants his spies to work closer with US intelligence agencies

President Vladimir Putin says he wants to work towards “restoring dialogue” between Russian and US intelligence agencies. “It’s absolutely clear that in the area of counterterrorism all relevant governments and international groups should work together,” he said. “It’s in everyone’s interest to resume dialogue between the intelligence agencies of the United States and other members of NATO.” At… Read More »

Artificial intelligence framework now powers Toyota websites

An innovation in artificial intelligence that was described in a 2001 paper by a UCLA computer science professor has found a somewhat unexpected application: helping car buyers customize their vehicles online. The websites for Toyota and its Lexus division both offer shoppers the opportunity to tailor their vehicle from among a range of models, colors and accessories. The… Read More »

Artificial intelligence won’t overtake humans as of now

MBAI: Self-aware and self improving computers will not overtake the human race in our lifetimes, according to IBM research director Arvind Krishna. Krishna heads the organization that gave the world Watson, the Jeopardy-winning cognitive computing system which is now being used by doctors to help diagnose cancer. “To get to this singularity, as they call it, you need… Read More »