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Macron warns over Syrian chemical weapons in frank meeting with Putin

Emmanuel Macron, the new French president, has warned that France would respond immediately to any use of chemical weapons in Syria, while urging a closer partnership with Russia in fighting Islamic State (Isis) in the country. “A very clear red line exists on our side – that is the use of chemical weapons by whomever,” Macron said at… Read More »

Putin wants his spies to work closer with US intelligence agencies

President Vladimir Putin says he wants to work towards “restoring dialogue” between Russian and US intelligence agencies. “It’s absolutely clear that in the area of counterterrorism all relevant governments and international groups should work together,” he said. “It’s in everyone’s interest to resume dialogue between the intelligence agencies of the United States and other members of NATO.” At… Read More »

Kremlin says it wants apology from Fox News over Putin comments

The Kremlin said on Monday it wanted an apology from Fox News over what it said were “unacceptable” comments one of the channel’s presenters made about Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with U.S. counterpart Donald Trump. Fox News host Bill O’Reilly described Putin as “a killer” in the interview with Trump as he tried to press… Read More »

DNC chair says Russian hackers did not stop after Vladamir Putin met Barack Obama at G20 meeting

The chair of the Democratic National Committee said Russian hackers continued interfering in the election until 8 November, despite the president’s claim that they stopped in September when he told Vladamir Putin to “cut it out”. Donna Brazile, who is calling for a bipartisan inquiry into the alleged hack, told ABC News that donors and other individuals associated… Read More »

Obama points finger at Putin for hacks during U.S. election

President Barack Obama on Friday strongly suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally authorized the computer hacks of Democratic Party emails that American intelligence officials say were aimed at helping Republican Donald Trump win the Nov. 8 election. But with only a month left in office, during a sombre press conference before leaving for a family holiday in… Read More »