Three Ways to Busy Yourself on a Long Overnight Flight

By | December 18, 2018

Long overnight flights are the bane of existence for frequent fliers. Why? Because some flights don’t have wireless internet thousands of feet in the air. And sometimes those flights that do have wireless internet are the ones that you get motion sickness on, resulting in an aversion to screens for the duration. It’s luck of the draw.

However, you don’t need a screen to keep you occupied on an overnight flight to wherever you want to go. This article covers three ways to busy yourself on long flights. Take them to heart or use them to inspire your own methods for keeping busy.

Read an Anthology Book in the Genre of Your Choice—Or Write Your Own

Anthologies are collections of stories in the genre of your choice. While bizarre and horror are all the rage for many anthologies, you can find almost any niche story collections on e-reader websites.

Or, if you’re a writer with a knack for imagining your own stories, you could always compose your own anthologies on the flight to wherever you happen to be headed. The most well-read books in history have often been written in the most interesting situations, like in a single evening on an overnight flight.

Catch Up on Some Sleep Way Before Anyone Else Dozes Off for the Evening

It can be challenging to get to sleep when everyone has already started snoring away, so get a jumpstart on your Zs. Have trouble sleeping on a plane or in anything that’s on the move? Take a muscle relaxant or sleeping pill directly after you board. It should start working within 2 hours of the flight getting under way.

Tip: One great way to get yourself to fall asleep on an overnight flight is to daydream about your destination.

Learn Something New, like a Language or How to Play Sudoku

When you concentrate on learning about something new, such as project planning and management New Jersey, the time flies by on an overnight flight. It also strengthens your focus and hones your patience. So, pick something you can’t do yet, like speak Mandarin Chinese, or complete a crossword puzzle without using Google. Work on it for the duration of your flight and you will be surprised how quickly time flies.