Why a web designer should design with a mobile user in mind and how this affects SEOs

By | June 12, 2017

Why a web designer should design with a mobile user in mind and how this affects SEOs

Hey folk. How you feel when you working with someone and who don’t have a good and well creative mind insight? Today i want to show you my conversation with my friend Brian. let’s take a look on our conversation & hope that will help you.

So I came across this funny but accurately true statement; ‘more devices are made daily than babies are born. Then I thought, oh yes, it is known in recent times that even an high school kid looking for the next psp game or karaoke club will not wait to get home to use a desktop to search for what is needed but will rather use his mobile which is obviously the next best thing that happened to the world since sliced bread.

However, what if, these devices in the hand of the grown up babies (and adults) do not have what they need at the time they need the information sought, and, if websites are to be mobile inclined, how will this affect SEOs; since SEOs are crucial to a business whilst a website design with a mobile user interface is also of utmost importance and both ‘may’ not necessarily bond.

In this quest, I decided to research SEO & Digital Marketing experts and found Brian Hong to be the right person to chat on this topic.  Brian Hong is the CEO of Infintech Designs. I asked what his thought process is on this peculiar topic and how its results can affect both the business owning designed websites and the end line consumer.

Here it goes:

Me: Tell me a little about Infintech Designs, what you do and what is  it about?

Brian:  Oh yes, thank you. Infintech Designs is a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in SEO and web design. Summarily, we help commercial and private clients with their digital marketing, search engine optimization, local seo, link building through guest post outreach, mobile marketing, social media marketing, pay per click (ppc) management, sales optimization, improve the success of marketing efforts, web design, content marketing strategy and full service digital creative agency. We have a strategy, the experience and a proven track record in increasing leads for our clients.


Me: Wow that is wonderful. Thank you so much for elaborating on that, so this means the topic of the day is somewhat of great interest to you and you are well versed in this area?


Brian: Yes, of course! I have a sincere passion in what I do and have dedicated my life to continue to learn and perfect the art/science of SEO.  I look at every day as an opportunity to improve my skills and learn more about the world of Digital Marketing.


Me: Ok.

So can you tell me why do you think an entrepreneur should contract out digital marketing and web design to your company for instance, as we know that there are many free web design platforms online now and the templates have been provided making it easy for a layman to design a basic website and get same online with little or no cost at all?


Brian: Well, for entrepreneurs, it could be somewhat difficult handing over the reins of some parts of their business to an outsider but I strongly believe that a good entrepreneur knows his/her strengths and weaknesses and knows when to allow someone else who is an expert, handle what he/she is weak at.  So if digital marketing is not your strength, accept that and let an expert come and take that responsibility off your plate. Once you accept this, you will free yourself from worrying over whether you could have done a better job if you had handled it yourself, which to be honest, you likely would not have.


Me: I agree with you on that, there is no point trying to save and be penny wise but pounds foolish which may result to serious loss in the business.


Me: Ok, moving on; do you think designing a website with a mobile user in mind is good for SEO or not? Because some have said a mobile responsive website does destroy search results.


Brian:  I will start by pointing out that, even the almighty Google recommends designing a website which is mobile friendly.  They recommend webmasters to follow the industry best practice of using mobile friendly web design, namely, serving the same html for all devices and using only css media queries to decide the rendering on each device. One of the mostly enunciated SEO benefits of mobile friendly web design is the ability to present a single URL for a page, rather than a separate mobile URL.


Theoretically, this should help the overall SEO of a site and pages by channeling all present and potential link into a single URL, instead of splitting it. Furthermore, “if a mobile friendly web design is not the best option to serve mobile users, google supports having your content being served using a different html.” But this also means that google recommends a mobile friendly web design first, while quickly noting that it’s okay if this is not used, if there’s a better option for serving your audience. However, I will add that, what’s most important here is the big picture point, that is, the best SEO service includes creating great content and present it in the most user-friendly way possible.


Me: That’s a great one there. So when should one not choose a mobile friendly (in your own words) design?

Brian: I don’t think there should be anytime a mobile friendly design should not be chosen. Let’s look at children for example, they have so much influence on their parents more than any third party and will you tell me a children-focused sites will decide to choose not to be mobile friendly?, No I think not. Although, an organization can choose to have a different website which is mobile friendly and will be incorporated into the main website which is only accessible via a desktop, some factors that can influence a designer’s perspective on creating a different site include things such as features, content relevancy and E-Commerce. If mobile commerce occurs frequently on your site, you may want a mobile-specific solution for browsing products as well as a shopping cart and this may not fit well into the main website.

Also, not forgetting keywords, the ability to target mobile-specific keywords is of great benefit there are many factors beyond keyword targeting that determine how pages will rank on mobile devices, such as location. So, although, having a different mobile site can serve up different mobile keywords for a page and could be beneficial, it may also reduce traffic to the site. However the picture is to always think of content and audience friendliness first. A designer should think about the content and think about the readers. What’s the best way to display the content? What will your audience expect and enjoy the most? Committing to deliver the best experience possible for the greatest number of site visitors is going to be the most beneficial long-term result, and this is one of the greatest SEO strategy which in most cases the way to do that is with a mobile friendly web design.

Me: Educative, haha, thank you so much for that great elaboration. Now, when do you think an SEO should choose a mobile friendly design?

Brian: In my opinion, a site’s SEO is impacted by a lot more than just the design strategy. A mobile friendly design is more about readability than it is about SEO; it is about how elements on a page are put together and thereafter delivered to the mobile user. I will say an SEO going with a mobile friendly design will be one of the most prudent decision. Some of the reasons I say this are:

  1. Convenience

Creating a mobile friendly site takes time, but, if being mobile-friendly is worth the cost and the time, and your content demands it, then why not go for it. You will be surprised that you are spending way less to make your theme responsive in a matter of minutes.

  1. Consistency

Everyone wants site content to be shared and when it is, visitors who reach the site should have the same  experience the first sharer had, and that, my friend is much more likely to happen with a mobile friendly design than a mobile site with separate URLs.

  1. Conversions.

What everyone needs, is to give mobile users as clean and convenient an experience as  desktop users, so that every content can shine and the conversion strategy can go to work, which is exactly what a mobile friendly  design enables you to do easily at a minimal additional cost.

Me: Thank you so much. Now to the final question, is a mobile friendly design/ designing with a mobile user in mind good for SEO or not?

Brian: In one word, yes. You see, a mobile friendly design gives the audience a better mobile experience than a non-mobile friendly design that simply serves up a bloated desktop view. A better experience equals happy readers … which equals on-page engagement, linking, and sharing … which equals better SEO.

However, the only question which may need to be  asked  is whether, in some cases, the site fits within the minority of sites for whom a separate mobile site would bring important benefits. Answering this question will depend largely on knowing whether your design is good for your content and your audience.

As this is your last question, I will add this, ‘ if you’re not embracing a mobile first philosophy with your content online, you’re already back in the 60’s and will definitely lag behind while competitors run ahead’, so, know who are contracting your website and SEO to.

Me: Thank you once again for your time; it has been so educative and worthwhile.

Brian: I am honored.

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