Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi feature is now expanding globally

By | July 3, 2017

Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi feature is now expanding globally

Back in 2016, Facebook introduced a new feature dubbed Find Wi-Fi for the Android and iPhone apps. However, this feature limited only to the users in select countries.

Basically, the Find Wi-Fi feature on Facebook will let you find Wi-Fi hotspots nearby while you are traveling. Now, the social networking giant seems to have removed this limitation. Facebook has announced that they are expanding the Find Wi-Fi feature globally. From now, the Android and iOS Facebook app users across the world will be able to make take advantage of this feature. With the Find Wi-Fi feature, you can locate available Wi-Fi hotspots shared by business with Facebook right from their Page. To find out new Wi-Fi hotspots with this feature, you need to open the Facebook app on your smartphone and go to More. From there, click on Find Wi-Fi.

Make sure that the Wi-Fi setting on your smartphone is turned on so that you can browse the nearby hotspots that are shown on the map. This feature will be rolled out via an update and this will happen from the server side automatically. You can check for Facebook app update as it will bring the Find Wi-Fi feature to your smartphone. Talking about the Find Wi-Fi feature of Facebook, this is definitely a welcome addition to the social media app. It lets you know if Wi-Fi hotspots are available nearby as you are on the go without wasting your data while you travel. Once you get this feature via the update, do let us know your thoughts on the same via comments.