Micromax X1i 2017: After Darago 3310, another Nokia 3310-lookalike spotted

By | May 23, 2017


After the Darago 3310, there’s another feature phone that has been caught imitating the refreshed Nokia 3310. Called the Micromax X1i 2017, the phone may not be a clone, but it’s quite similar looking. And just like the Darago 3310, this Micromax feature phone too targets the Nokia 3310 audience, offering ‘something similar’ for a much lower price.

As compared to the Rs 3,310 price tag of the Nokia 3310, the Micromax X1i 2017 is retailing for almost half its price — Rs 1,199. The device is currently listed on the Micromax website, and its similarity and existence was pointed out by mobile retailer Mahesh Telecom.

In terms of specifications, it comes quite close to what the Nokia 3310 offers. The Micromax X1i 2017 feature phone sports a 2.4-inch display with 320×240 pixels of resolution. Similar to Nokia 3310, it has an alphanumeric keypad. It’s unsure what operating system this device runs, but it comes with 32MB of on-board storage. The feature phones comes with a very basic 0.08-megapixel rear camera, and is fuelled by a 1,300mAh battery. For connectivity, it only offers 2G support.

The Nokia 3310 too has a 2.4-inch QVGA color display offering 240×320 pixel resolution. It runs on Nokia’s S30+ operating system, and features the legendary Snake game with refreshed design. Much superior to the Micromax feature phone’s rear camera, the Nokia 3310 has a 2-megapixel camera on the rear panel, which is accompanied by an LED Flash. Additionally, the phone has an internal storage of 16MB, which is further expandable up to 32GB via MicroSD card.

Now, while the Micromax X1i 2017 just faintly traces the Nokia 3310 looks, the recently spotted Darago 3310, has not only copied half the name of the device as is, but the rest of the design as well. It’s eery how similar it looks to the Nokia 3310. In fact, if not for the Darago logo on the front of the device, it would be difficult to tell the two apart.

And, where the Micromax feature phone halves the Nokia 3310 price tag, the Darago 3310 is retailing for one-fourth the price. Priced at Rs 799, the Darago 3310 comes with a smaller 1.77-inch display, and it doesn’t run on Nokia’s S30+ operating system (obviously!). As opposed to the 16MB of RAM on the Nokia phone, it features just 1MB of RAM, and it supports only up to 8GB of expandable storage and comes with a mediocre VGA rear camera.

Having said that, before your purchase a Darago 3310 or Micromax X1i 2017, make sure you do not do it expecting an experience of a Nokia 3310. The Nokia feature phone may be priced a wee higher than we hoped, but we would still not recommend either of these two devices to be bought as a replacement for Nokia 3310.

[Source:- bgr]