Oyo plans to share its tech with others in the business

By | June 4, 2019

oyohotelBENGALURU: Oyo may offer its in-house technology solutions to other hospitality brands globally, a top executive said. These technology solutions have been built to manage instant reservations on its network of properties and to engage with retail customers.

The SoftBank-backed hotel marketplace said some hospitality brands have shown interest in Internet of Things-based solutions and other hospitality operations management applications. “We continue to see these technology solutions improving our guest experience… We do get interest from various hospitality companies from around the world to leverage what we have. At some point, we will look at productising it and offering it out,” Anil Goel, chief technology officer, Oyo told ET in an interview.

Mobile-based audit application Krypton, developed in-house, is one such. Krypton helps Oyo employees audit properties to identify patterns in guest behaviour to improve customer experience.

The hospitality firm said its in-house stack of proprietary technologies is powering more than 20 applications for customers, asset owners and employees. Oyo’s applications are hosted on the cloud (internet-based servers) to ensure faster access across all types of properties, such as Oyo Homes and Oyo Hotels. Hotels and hospitality service providers are increasing efficiency by using IoT-based applications to track use of electricity and customise services for repeat customers based on past preferences.

Being a marketplace leader, Oyo has consistently focused on developing technology solutions to grow faster, said Goel.

Oyo said it would ramp up its technology team and develop more solutions to effectively onboard guests and for property management. The company is looking to hire from rival internet firms to expand its technology team to 2,020 people by next year, from the 1,000 currently, said Goel. “At this point, we believe in unlimited investment in technology because we believe it provides the biggest leverage for growth,” said Goel.