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Oppo R17 Neo launches in Japan: its first phone with in-display fingerprint reader

Japan often gets cool tech gadgets first, but not this time – it just got its first phone with an in-display fingerprint reader and it’s late to that particular party. The phone itself is quite interesting – the Oppo R17 Neo. It’s a version of the Oppo K1 and R15X, which are partially based on the Oppo R17.… Read More »

Windows 10-powered NuAns Neo to be available outside of Japan starting today

Inline with the previously revealed June-end launch time frame, the Windows 10-powered NuAns Neo will be available for purchase in select countries starting today. This was announced by NuAns, the company behind Neo, in a press release. “The NuAns NEO will be available to select countries outside of Japan via our Kickstarter campaign which will launch Friday, July… Read More »