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Apple Shines in History-Making Style, Despite Some Bruises

Despite fears of sapped inspiration, slowing sales, tariffs and suffocating regulation, Apple is now shining brighter than any other private-sector company in history, as the first with a $1 trillion (roughly Rs. 68.7 lakh crores) market value. Since starting out in a family garage in Silicon Valley more than 40 years ago, Apple weathered boardroom drama, market missteps, and even a… Read More »

Tour Shines Light on Where Billionaires Stash Their ‘Dirty Money’

Motorized group tours of London’s famous landmarks are almost as common as the city’s iconic red double-decker buses. One recently inaugurated trek through the British capital isn’t trying to show off the country’s historical treasures, however. Instead, Kleptocracy Tours aims to shed light on where the world’s rich and powerful stash their billions. With some high-end properties in… Read More »