This week in Android: Pixel 4a leaks, Redmi K30 review, and more!

By | December 30, 2019

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This week we got our first glimpse of Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a phone, and it looks like it could be a fitting successor to last year’s fantastic Pixel 3a. It features a hole punch selfie cam, a fingerprint sensor, and a single camera setup. We don’t know if it will check off every item on our Pixel 4a wishlist, but it’s likely to be a much better value than the Pixel 4.

The end of the year is upon us, so we’ve rounded up a number of best-of lists, from best apps to most underrated phones, with everything in between. We’ve also published our predictions for the coming year with regards to processors, cameras, and the coming 5G revolution.

On the review side, we published our review of the 120Hz-0n-a-budget Redmi K30, and revisited our reviews of the Galaxy Tab S6, Fossil Hybrid HR, and Lenovo Chromebook C340.

Here are the top 10 Android stories of the week

  • Redmi K30 review: Immense value in a difficult ecosystem — The Redmi K30 offers an immense amount of value for the price, but you’ll have put a lot of work in.
  • Buy a Pixel if you want timely updates… Oh wait. — With the late Pixel 4 updates, Google is damaging one of the few areas where it has a stellar reputation as a phone maker.
  • 9 wacky Xiaomi products you didn’t know existed — From hygiene products to transportation, Xiaomi does a lot more than smartphones!
  • We need to stop with the AirPods clones — No one likes a copycat.
  • From Pixel 4 XL to the Pixel 2 XL: What I learned from downgrading — I temporarily downgraded to a Pixel 2 XL. Here’s what it was like, and what I learned.
  • The most underrated smartphones of 2019 — We all know about Huawei and Samsung, but what about lesser known devices that still deserved praise in 2019?
  • What to expect from smartphone processors in 2020 and beyond — 2020 could be a very exciting year for mobile processors, with bigger CPU cores, 5G, and improved gaming.
  • 5 features the Google Play Store should steal from the iOS App Store right now — Apple’s App Store is light years ahead of the Play Store. Google can change that by lifting these features.
  • How much does it cost to replace a foldable phone’s screen? — Who says foldable phone screen repairs have to be expensive? Certainly not Motorola.
  • When Samsung’s Exynos was the best flagship chipset for Android — Qualcomm wasn’t always the top dog, and the Samsung Exynos 7420 proved that back in 2015.

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