World Of Warcraft Helped This Man Grow An 8-Figure Business

By | December 19, 2018

Credit: Getty Royalty Free

Eden Amirav was Israel’s national undefeated champion at World of Warcraft. He has also established and sold one seven-figure business and founded another eight-figure business.

For the uninitiated, World of Warcraft has grossed nearly $10 billion in revenue since 2004. It’s also a fiendishly addictive video game that encourages players to sink hundreds of hours into it.

Eden AmiravEden Amirav

After retiring from gaming, Amirav founded Lending Express, a technology company that helps small businesses find and secure funding through technology.

Lending Express clients generate revenues up to $150,000 per year and apply for loans of about $25,000.

To grow both businesses, Amirav used many of the lessons he acquired from World of Warcraft.

Know Your Role

World of Warcraft requires that players specialise in a particular role or class, such as hunter, warrior or mage. Each class has strengths and weaknesses and demands a particular playing style.